2 Hour Fire and Explosion Rated Modular Barrier

UL Tested - 2 Hour Fire and Explosion Barrier for Transformers, Substations and Critical Equipment Protection. Customized and fully configurable fire and blast rated assembly. Installs on standard pier foundations providing instant protection for transformers, substations, critical equipment, power plants and infrastructure.

  • Modular and Configurable
  • Customized Fire Blast Walls
  • All Sizes and Heights


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Delivery weight: 4.1 lb

UL Tested Jet Fuel Fire Barrier

UL Tested 4 Hour Hydro Carbon Fire Barrier Up To 60' Tall and 150 MPH Windload. Designed and tested to withstand jet fuel fires our fully modular design can be customized to your site conditions protecting buildings, tank farms, fuel storage, transformers and critical equipment areas. Modular design allows for easy removal for equipment maintenance. Pier foundations up to 12'OC allow for easy removal and truck access. Also provided in ballistic and designs up to 150 MPH wind load.

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New 2 Hour Fire and Impact Rated Modular Transformer Fire Barrier

Modular fire barriers customized and configured to meet your site specifications. Price includes complete design, drawings, fabrication and all barriers components in a UL tested assembly.

  • Transformer Fire + Explosion Rated
  • Modular Custimized Design
  • Fire Rated Separation
  • Low Cost Fast Installation
  • Meets UL and NFPA Requirements
  • Made in USA
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Delivery period: 30 working days
Delivery weight: 4.1 lb

Fire Blast Barrier

UL fire rated and blast impact tested barriers. Fabricated in the USA and customized to meet your site requirements. Barriers are modular and installed on 12'OC Pier Foundations and can be provided up to 60' tall and 150MPH wind load!

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2, 3 or 4 Hour Ballistic Fire Barrier

UL Tested 4 Hour Fire rated and UL 752 level 8 Ballistic Fire Barrier.

Design to Installation Available. Up to 60' Tall and 150 MPH Wind load.

Protect substations and critical infrastructure including nuclear and power facilities, buildings, tank farms and utilities.

Proven and tested threat mitigation.


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Ballistic Doors and Gates

UL 752 Level 8 Ballistic Tested and Fabricated Doors and Sliding Gates custimized to meet existing or new perimeter or separation barriers andinstallations. We provide assemblies providing provide proven sniper round protection in a UL design - customized for pedestirian, rooling, hingded, fixed or sliding doors and gates. Fire and ballistic models are also available up to 6 hours.

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2-4-6 Hour Concrete and Steel Vaults and Walls

Pre Cast 2 Hour Concrete Fire Walls - Design to Fabrication - Delivery to Installation.

Foundation and Pier Design included. 15' Column Spacing - 24"X24" Columns - 6" Thick Pre Cast Panels

Combined with Modular and Curtain Fire Barrier designs to Meet Critical Site Conditions


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Ballistic Fire Barrier

UL 752 Tested Level 8 Ballistic Fire Rated Barrier. World class protection for critical assets and facilities. protects from sniper fire, blast, fire and explosion. Installed to NFPA 850 Line oif Sight considerations.

Modular Installations to 60' High and 150 MPH Wind Load Using Pier Foundations and Disturbing Minimum Real Estate!

CIP 14 compliance for ballistics and the protection of critical equipment including transformers, substations, controls, buildings, secured areas, fuel storage areas and critical assets. Designs and customizations to meet fire, blast, heat, wind load, seismic, jet fire and thermal radiation protection requirements.



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New Ballistic Fire Barrier Wall Covering

Full sheet customized wall cover assemblies for fire, blast, explosion and ballistic. 3/8" Thick core construction material installs like gypsum and provides fire and explosion rating from both sides. Excellent protective wall covering for control houses, Command Control Centers, substations, switch houses, critical buildings and fire/explosion/hazardous operation construction and separation. In addition to fire and hydro carbon fire rating, impact and transformer fire and explosion protection, the materials dampens noise and vibration, is fully groundable and has been used in construction since 2002. We provide turn key solutions from design to installation.


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Fire Rated Buildings and Panels

1 or 2 Hour Fire Rated Building Material Assemblies, Walls, Buildings, Modules and Panels - STC Rated for Sound Control

Fire rated, lightweight and easy to install and custimize, we provide fire rated walls and buildings to meet your construction requirements.

  • 1 Hour Fire rated - 4" Thick
  • 2 Hour Fire Rated - 6" Thick

Full Sheet Assemblies Available - Customized to Meet Your Site Specifications

Delivered Pre-Cut - In Modules - In Sheets - In Tilt Wall

Easy to Install - Turn Key Design to Fabrication - Install Available

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Fire Blast Impact Rated Steel Concrete Steet Sheet 3/8" Thick - 4'X8'

Fire blast and impact rated sheet rock like product. Mechanically fastened steel sandwiched into concrete core.

UL Listed and fire rated building material. Excellent for critical areas, switchgear, Command Control, switch houses, fuel storage areas, substations and critical areas where fire blast and impact hazards exist or can exist. can also be used as a protective materials from IED and other ballistics.

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Fire Barrier and Fire Stop Inspection Services Nationwide - 732-232-2100

Certified fire barrier and fire stop inspection, assessment and consulting services worldwide. Large project, industrial, commercial, facility  and high rise residential building specialists. Save money and time utilizing our expertise to coordinate fire stop and fire proofing into your construction schedule. We ofer management and monitoring services guaranteed to assure fire barrier compliance with dampers, stops, doors and fire rated construction.

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Fire IED Enclosure Box

Custom Size Control Boxes for fire, blast and IED protection of critical equipment. All shapes and sizes to protect controls and switches from:

  • IED
  • Explosion
  • Fire
  • Blast Frag
  • Heat
  • Thermal Radiation
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Protective joint splice wrap sleeve - designed for blast - frag - fire and arc heat containment. Use in manhole, vaults, tunnels and substations for cable protection and containment. The properties of the wrap minimize collateral damage by protecting and containing incidents and failures.



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New Gas Cabinet Fire Barrier

Gas cylinder fire barriers and holsters to meet OSHA, NFPA and Life safety Code requirements for hazardous gas cylinder storage.Rated for fire, blast and shrapnel our barriers provide protection for equipment, facilities and personnel. Custom sizes available. All UL listed designs.

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Delivery period: 25 working days

Phone and battery flash explosion, flare and fire for LI containment

Simple containment bag for safe transportation of LI and other batteries and potentially flash fire explosive concerns.

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Curtains - Blast Frag Textile Custom Sized

Custom sized curtains for windows doors and critical areas requiring protection from outside threat or inside explosion.

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Delivery period: 45 working days
Delivery weight: 1 lb

New 10'X14' IED Containment Blanket

Bomb Blocker saves lives and protects the publice, first responders and property.

The blanket is easy to deploy over trashcans, IED's, pipe bombs and unknown threats.

Designed to capture shrapnel, nails, ceramics, glass, steel projectiles and contain blast effects.

Stores easily in simple case with instructions and training.

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Delivery weight: 43 lb

Fire Barrier Identification and Marking Program

Professional services designed to organize fire barriers for buildings, facilities and construction projects. We identify and  label fire and smoke barriers. We provide and install barrier and walls identification and OSHA compliant marking and labeling of fire and protectiove barriers, walls, rooms and floors. Makes maintenance and inspection easy and hold contractors accountable for fire barrier opening repairs throughout construction and the life span of the building.

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Life Safety Drawings

Life Safety Drawings of your buildings and facilities showing fire and smoke barriers clearly with there ratings. THis help standardize your fire barrier program and provide accountability and contractor control.

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Fire Stop Systems

Fire, blast and ballistic resistant UL Tested Fire Stop caulks and mortars. Fire barrier penetration seal experts for opening up to 100SF!


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Fire Proofing Tape

Fire proofing tape to wrap and protect cables, conduit, duct and other MEP installations from fire and heat. Tape offers instant protection, low cost and easy application. 24 Rolls per Box.

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Delivery weight: 8 oz

Fire Barrier Education Class

Fire Barrier training and education customized to meet your team or project goals and objectives for fire barriers, fire stops, fire/smoke dampers, fire doors, penetration seals and smoke control systems. This is the PREMIER COURSE on complete fire barrier inspection covering all components of the Fire barrier. The class helps assure complete fre barrier quality and liability control for general contractors, inspectors and fire-life safety professionals responsibloe for fire barrier integrity, specifications, proper construction, inspection and maintenance.

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New Fire Barrier Marking Stencil

Universal Fire barrier Stencil Kit. Meets NFPA, IBC and OSHA Best Practices and Standards for labeling and marking fire and smoke barriers. Reusable Mylar helps communicate fire barrier locations and ratings to contractors, promotes proper firestopping and meets Joint Commission requiremenrts for healthcare facilities.

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Intumescent Parts and Components

Customized intumescent parts and components fabricated to your design. Intumescent caps, fixtures, splice covers, unions, joints, blocks, pipes, boxes - any design in innovative intumescent materials designed to expand 50X in a fire and snuff out the flames. Bring cost effective, simple fire protection to your design or project. All sizes and shapes available. Call today for a quote. 732-232-2100

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New Intumescent Fire Proofing Paint - Universal Solution!

Universal intumescent paint provides instant 1, 2, 3 or 4 hour fire and heat proof rating to concrete, masonry, steel, conduit and cable. Safe, brush applied, easy to use and efective fire proofing control. Intumescent paint expands 30X in size in hot fire to snuff out the fire at the source. This product contains fire and heat and helps avoid collateral damage in an arc fire.

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Delivery period: 10 working days

Intumescent Fire Stop Electrical Box Insert

Intumescent electrical or control box insert - standard box or customized inserts provide instant fire protection. Intumescent materials expand up to 60X to snuff out the fire at it's source. 1/8 Thick insert easily installs in electrical boxes to provide localized fire protection.

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Intumescent Fire Proofing Flexible Sheet Materials - Roll

Intumescent sheet materials on a roll bring fire proofing to your team in the field. Just size cut with a scizzor and install in any electrical, control or junction box to provide instant fire proofing protection. Intumescent mayerials expand up to 60 times when heated in a fire snuffing out the fire at it's source and avoiding collaterial damage.

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Intumescent Fire Proofing Hard Panel Materials - Sheet

Hard panel intumescent sheet - cut to size as you need it. Provide intumescent expansion up to 30X to 60X in a fire - filling voids, containing heat and snuffing the fire out at the box. Excellent for field applications where control boxes and panels are unprotected and require fireproofing. Materials are lightweight and easy to use and install. Intumescents can be customized to temperature and amount of intumescents for diferent size and type applications.

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5'X8' IED Frag Blast Fence Infill Panel

Universal fence infill panel provides 5'X8' of protection from blast, fragmentation from explosion, shrapnel and IED installed on new or existing fence.


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Delivery period: 45 working days
Delivery weight: 30 lb

New Custom Size IED Blast Materials and Blankets

Custom fabricated Fire IED Blast Textile Blankets. All sizes and colors available.

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Custom Fire Doors

Custom sized fire doors, metal or wood construction. 1, 1.5, 2, 3 or 4 Hour Fire Rated.

Complete with frame, hardware and all components ready to install - specify new or existing xonstruction when ordering!

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Custom Fire Rated Glass

Custom Sized Fire rated Glass and Glass Assemblies. Built to order in the USA!

Storefronts, offices, security areas, public separations, police, banks, industrial and utility applications.

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Custom Size UL 752 Level 3 Ballistic Fence Panel

Custom sized to your specifications - Universal Level 3 Ballistic Fence Infill Panel provides instant perimeter or fence separation protection from ballistic gunfiree incidents. Installs easily to new or existing fence.


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Delivery period: 45 working days
Delivery weight: 30 lb

4'X6' IED Frag Blast Fence Infill Panel

Universal fence infill panel provides 4'X8' of protection from blast, fragmentation from explosion, shrapnel and IED installed on new or existing fence.


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Delivery period: 45 working days
Delivery weight: 30 lb

4'X6' UL 752 Level 3 Ballistic Fence Infill Panel

Universal fence infill panel provides 4'X8' of UL Level 3 Ballistic Protection instantly! Attaches easily to new or existing fence.

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Delivery period: 45 working days
Delivery weight: 25 lb

4'X8' UL 752 Level 3 Ballistic Fence Infill Panel

Universal Level 3 Ballistic Fence Infill Panel provides 5'X8' of protection from ballistic gunfiree incidents. Installs easily to new or existing fence.


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Delivery period: 45 working days
Delivery weight: 30 lb

4'X8' Ballistic Level 3 Infill Panel for Ameristar Fence

UL Level 3 Ballistic infill panel fits Ameristar fence.

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4'X8' IED Frag Blast Fence Infill Panel

Universal fence infill panel provides 5'X8' of protection from blast, fragmentation from explosion, shrapnel and IED installed on new or existing fence.


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Delivery period: 45 working days
Delivery weight: 30 lb

New High Visibility and Universal Marking Solution

Universal reflective high durability spray paint. Ideal for barrrier and egress marking in vaults and facilities.

 Use to mark ANYTHING! Highly reflective and safe to use.

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New Fire Barrier Placards - Custom Printed

Permanent aluminum fire barrier wall placard. Ideal for permanently marking core rated fire and smoke barriers with important infomation on rating and safety.

Identification can correlate with life safety drawings for contractor and building compliance programs. Works great in electrical and mechanical rooms too!

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New Firestop Inspector Barcode Labels

Universal, durable, oil resistant identification barcode for firestops, penetrations, dampers and above ceiling fire barrier management. Consecutivley numbered rolls fit in tool box and can be used to record, label, identify and control fire stop liability while assuring compliance. Excellent for hospitals, mission critical facilities and mechanical/electrical room management.

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New Fire Proofing Kit


  1. 12 Case Fire Proofing Tape - Red
  2. 5 Gallon Intumescent Fire Proofing Paint - White
  3. 1 Roll Intumescent Flexible Gasket Material - 10" X 8'
  4. 4 Sheet Intumescent Hard Panel Material  - 12" X 12"
  5. 2 Dura Fire Rated Hard Panels - 12"X12"
  6. Fire Proofing Instruction Booklet


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Fire Barriers

Fire Barrier Services - Turn Key fire barrier solutions, providing design, fabrication and installation worldwide.

  • Transformer Fire Barriers
  • Ballistic Fire Barriers
  • Blast and Explosion Barriers
  • Modular Fire Barriers
  • Rated Textile Fence Infill Panels
  • Intumescent Coatings and Inserts
  • Fire Proofing and Difficult Structures
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FireStop Inspector

FireStop Inspector is the first fire stop inspection firm in the US starting in 1999.

  • Fire Barrier Inspection
  • Fire Stop Inspection
  • Fire Proofing Inspection
  • Construction Inspection
  • Special Inspections

Providing expertise and consulting in fire stops and barriers.


CALL 732-232-2100

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Life Safety Engineering

Fire Barrier Engineering and Management Services designed to control cost and quality in rated construction.

  • Life Safety Drawings
  • Plan Review
  • Documents and Specifications
  • Fire Barrier Building Assessment
  • Solutions and Cost Control Programs
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Providing fire barriers, modular fire barrier, ballistic fire barrier and transformer protection, transformer walls and separations.

Sinisi Solutions LLC provides design, fabrication and deployment of enhanced fire barrier, explosion barriers, walls and separations for use in all types of hazardous environments. Experts in fire barriers, containments, fire stopping and tested asssemblies. Let our engineers and fire barrier professionals bring our expertise to your project and facility. With 100's of completed projects from assessments and inspections to plans, specifications and budgets our experience is physical security using enhanced fire barriers is second to none. In addition to our fire barrier expertise, Sinisi Solutions LLC provides complete materials and fabrication, assembly testing to UL and NFPA standarads, installation and warranty maintenance services. See why so many firms and facilities has relied on our expertise in fire barriers to enhance protetcion and meet compliance requirements.

Fire barriers, UL Level 8 ballistic fire barriers, blast barriers, fire walls, transformer fire barriers, heat and noise barriers - design to deployment services for utilities, industry, large facilities, substatiions, buildings, transportation and critical infrastructure.

In addition to CIP 14 compliance, our installations are fully underwritable, tested and have extensive performance history in the field. Barriers, wall and protective assemblies we provide protec all types of important infrastructure. Dams, tunnels, natural gas, energy storage, nuclear, fossil, wind, air and water sources and system all require bolstering of physical security. Sinisi Solutions offer the most customizable, tested and best engineered solutions for many of these projects.


Fire stopping, fire barriers to 60 feet tall and 150 MPH wind load, seismic designs, underground cable considerations, small real estate, difficult structures - we have see them all and our solutions of fire and ballistic tested modules and assemblies can solve many of these job site condition issues where compliance is needed.

We provide turn key services and solutions and bring world wide resources, innovative materials, proven colutions and expertise to your team or project. The projects and photos on the web site are all a sample of our work over the past 30 years in fire barriers. Please contact us with your questions and inquiries at 732-232-2100. Thank you.